Cannot set a credential for principal ‘sa’. (Microsoft SQL Server, Error:15535)

In this Quick and dirty post, let’s see a simple fix for one of the annoying error messages you’ll see in SQL Server 2005. Basically, You’ll see below mentioned error in few cases when you try to change the sa password using SSMS.

The Simple trick is to check the box “Map to credential” as shown below after providing a new password and click Okay.

This should work…Hope this helps!





12 thoughts on “Cannot set a credential for principal ‘sa’. (Microsoft SQL Server, Error:15535)”

    1. I’ve encountered this only once, I think it could be small bug(within SSMS). Here’s the Microsoft KB article for this issue…Am not truly satisfied with the explanation provided by MSFT as well. But hey….that fixes our annoying little issue!

      One more reason to prefer T-SQL over SSMS for making small changes 🙂

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