How to Failover the Cluster Group in Windows Server 2008/2008R2

In this short Blog post let us see how to move(Failover) the Cluster Group from one node to other in a Windows Server 2008 Failover Cluster. See here for more details on locating your Cluster Group for your Cluster.

Let’s get into the content! As you can see in the below Screenshot, I’ve my SQL Server running on Node2.

But How about my Cluster Group? I would simply issue “Cluster Group” from my cmd prompt for getting that info. As you can see below my cluster group is running on Node1.

Now, How to Failover the Cluster Group from Node1 to Node2 without any SQL Services Interruptions?

Sol 1 – Using CMD: Simply Issue the below command from your cmd prompt.

Sol2 – Using PS: Simply use Move-ClusterGroup “Cluster Group”. You might get the below Error if you are using Powershell for your Cluster for the First time.

This is because you haven’t imported Cluster Module yet for your PowerShell. You should be good to go once you import Failover Cluster Module. For More Information on Cluster CmdLets please see here.

Btw, There is no way you can do Cluster Group Failover from your Failover Cluster Manager GUI unlike Windows Server 2003!!

Hope this helps!


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