GeekBench – Bench Marking your Server!!

GeekBench……One of the Best Benchmarking tools available for Server Admins! Well, I didn’t mean that’s a useful tool only for Server Administrators. We, as a SQL Server DBA can run this tool against our servers to obtain Geek bench scores! You can run this on your Laptops as well!!Yeyyyyyy…..Check for your Geek bench Scores if you brought a brand new laptop 😉

For more info, please visit

Actually I’ve downloaded latest version of Geek bench(Trail version/Tryout mode) and the Scores are as follows…

Just Click on Run Benchmarks and the results from my laptop are as follows!! Please note, in trial mode, X64 benchmarks are disabled 😦

As you can see Geek Bench gave my laptop score 2542 😦 Which is obviously a very poor Score. (Well, i bought this Laptop for 550$ almost 2 years ago…..and it is happily handling 3 Instances of SQL Server 🙂 )

Actually you can submit your Scores to geek bench to compare and contrast with all the other submissions on a similar build. For example You can see the below screenshot for all the Dell Studio 1555 scores being submitted.

As you can see this guy hardly exceeded a score beyond 3000 and my laptop scored 2500+! Cheers…

If you are interested in my total scores, please click here


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