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Let’s deviate a little bit from SQL Server in this Post;)
Let’s get Straight to the point! Have you ever been in a situation logged in to your Windows Server and searching for “Service Packs Installed, IP Configurations, DNS Details, Boot Time, Drive/Volume(s) Information with the Free Space, Logged on Domain, Installed Memory and all that Cool Info..”? Yes, As a SQL Server DBA we need to know that information(at least few from the above mentioned) in few scenarios while troubleshooting few issues. Basically to get all the above mentioned details, we need to dig into multiple tools which are available from Windows Server..

What if you can pull that information from a single location just at a Glance, that too on your Desktop Just as a Wallpaper?? Exciting Right!! This might be already known to most of folks out there….But in case, if you are not aware of this, We can achieve this using a fabulous Free tool from our Microsoft SysInternals called “BGINFO“.

You can download this Tool from Again, this is a free tool from Sysinternals! Actually I’ve downloaded and Installed on my Server and now When i logged in to the Server, I’m welcomed with a Background all the cool Info as you can see in the below Screenshot.


So, is this the only information what you can get?? Noo….You can actually edit what you want to see on your Desktop. Just double click on bginfo.exe and you’ll be getting many other options and you can also change the position of text to be displayed as you can see below.

Download this Fabulous little tool and Install it on your Laptops and See what i’m talking about:)


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