What’s the worst advice you’ve ever seen(got) on a SQL Server Database…?

Guys, let me ask you this. What’s the worst advice you ever heard something related to SQL Server? Today I’ve seen a public forum where bunch of people are discussing on “How to Shrink a SQL Server Database”. Believe me guys…I can say, not even a single reply came from a real DBA and the guy who was looking for solution, tried all the bogus recommendations given by people without really understanding what he’s doing and how things work in SQL Server.

let me share few highlights! ( Forum Discussions in Red)

Q) I’ve deleted whole bunch of data from SQL Server with delete statement and why my SQL Server Database size not reduced? Google says to Shrink, How can I do that?

Re1: Shrink your LDF File, if it doesn’t work Shrink MDF File. If you Shrink your Database, your DB Performance Increases. It is advised to Shrink the Database everytime you take a Full backup. – OMG!!…Really? I’ve no idea where did he got this advice from.

Re2:  I Agree with Re1, actually your performance increases if you Shrink your DB!!

Now the person who asked the question goes “I’m trying to shrink Log file, but size is not reducing”

Re3: Do a Log backup with Truncate_only Option and then Shrink the File.(Interestingly some other guy is advocating this approach)

Now comes the Best part….

Re4: Take Log Backup, LDF file Size should reduce by this. If this doesn’t work Rebuild the Log File, taking the Database Offline. After doing both the steps change the Rec Model to Simple from Full. Even if this doesn’t work your last option is to restart SQL Server Services.

I couldn’t read any further and closed my window immediately!  Holyyyyyy…………..This made my day. I was laughing rolling all over the floor!

Guys, This is my advice – Don’t fall in trap of every advice you see floating all over internet. Don’t trust anyone’s advice blindly(Including me). You’ll end up loosing your Job, if you do without really understanding what people are advising you to do. There are many places where you can get real useful advises on SQL Server. Look for MSDN, BOL, Technet, SQLCAT, post your Q with #sqlhelp in Twitter. There are many kind and awesome MCM’s and MVP’s who can suggest you correct recommendations and make you understand what really SQL does when you do something on your SQL Server. It’s up to you Whom to trust and whom not to trust….

Also, I’ve seen many cases where people just don’t admit that they don’t know something! What’s wrong in it saying “I don’t know” if you really don’t know?? It is better to admit “I Don’t know, or at least say I’m not sure though” instead of advising some stupid recommendations right?…

Again…as i said earlier, It’s all up to you to decide whom to trust and whom not to.



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