Work Ethics/Morals

Work ethic is a set of values based on hard work and diligence. It is also a belief in the moral benefit of work and its ability to enhance character. An example would be the protestant work ethic. A work ethic may include being reliable, having initiative, or pursuing new skills. – Extracted from Wikipedia!

Why are Work Ethics/Morals so important no matter how good you are at/with your technology? Well, the “ethics” which you carry will define your real “you”. It’s not always Just about how good you are Technically, sometimes, I would say many times, all it matters is how/what’s your behavior with your peers.  IMHO, being professional, no matter what our jobs is…is bare minimum expectation any fellow worker would expect from you. We should learn how to be “Professional” before becoming IT Professionals! Being polite is no bad, even if you are a Pro in your technology. In fact, the more polite we are, more the people like you and it adds you lot of applauds and cheers to your Bucket!…

Let me ask this, What would be your opinion on a person who always say” Yes, I know it, i know how to do it”  just as a default Statement/Answer, but if asked to do it, he/she has no idea how/what was the question about? I really don’t understand why people fear to admit that they don’t know things. Being a SQL DBA, I admit I’m not an Expert/ GURU in each and every aspect of SQL Server. In fact No one can be a true Guru in each and every aspect of SQL Server. Well, SQL Server is not Notepad Application which you’ll come to know all the options available in couple of minutes/hours!!  Well, this is about First set of people.

Now, let me tell you about second set of people..sighsss…………!

They claim that they know everything, well, but If they are asked for same to show they’ll no where close to solution. But still, they tend not to agree that they “don’t know”. Well,…Being a good professional ;), assume that I’ve started to show how things work, they get a phone call(to his/her personal Mobile) and they left my cubicle. What exactly they are achieving here? Well, nothing! One thing is clear is that they know nothing and they are trying to escape from things and more importantly they created an impression to me that, they are “Worthless“. What if the same person sleeps in a conference room while you are trying to explain something new?? It happened to me recently and believe me, I was like “Reallyyyyyyyyyyyy”

What would I feel about them??(Just my Personal Opinion,YMMV)

In my humble Opinion, they are not worthy enough to receive my help/attention! Yes, that’s what comes to my mind as a first thought. Why should i really care, if he/she him/herslef has no zeal towards what they are doing for survival???…

1. They know nothing except faking things all around the place. I will never ever offer any help, because as per His/her statement ” They already know it ;)” anyways even if I try to help them, they will try to escape. – They think that they are in Safe Zone by escaping from situation, but in reality I got them!! It doesn’t take more than few minutes to get to know about his/her skills in what ever work they are doing!…

2. I’ll never offer help for carrying such ruthless attitude!

3. They are not fit for this Job. Yes, I mean it!!

4.They are  Useless and my Company is paying him/her money for no worth.

5. I would never give +ve feedback on him/her to my Management.(Of course, they are of no worth to my organization)

Bottom Line : First Learn how to be professional, Then you can learn about your Technology. Don’t shy away, If you don’t know something, say it loud, ” I Don’t know that, can you please shed some light on this? ” There’s nothing wrong in saying ” Yes, I don’t know”!


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