SQL DENALI SSMS – Few Interesting Facts/improvements.

This DENALI version of SQL Server is really driving me crazy with all the cool features/enhancements and even few funny things which you can do using your Management Studio!! Am getting soooo addicted to it:)

Let me ask you something. How many times do you open your Browser while you are working on something?Are you a Facebook addict? You know what….you can browse internet in your Denali SSMS. Yes..!you heard it right…..You can open a new tab in your SSMS and access your Facebook while executing a Script against your Production Database in another Tab…..(Hope you will never do this ;p). Okay let me show you what i’m saying.

Open your DENALI SSMS and hit Ctrl+Alt+R or follow the below Screenshot.

By Default you’ll be welcomed with SQL Home page –

Okay! Let’s try accessing Facebook (just for fun).

I was able to successfully login to my account and also watched few videos..huhuuuuuuuuuuu…..
Anyways, i think i’m not going to use my SSMS for browsing and I hope you won’t too!

Now let’s see if we’ve anything to tweak this settings in our Tools->OPTIONS.

You can change your Homepage and your default search page. Also, see at the bottom for internet explorer options!! I can’t believe my own eyes!

Also, you can see lot more options in DENALI SSMS to tweak and make more flexible as shown in the above image. You can see how OPTIONS look like in SQL Server 2008R2 SSMS below.










SSMS SQL Server 2008R2

Zooming Query Pane:

One Cool feature(zoom), really helpful when you are giving a DEMO of something or Mentoring others in a live meeting session or net meeting or by any other means. Once you hit the New Query button on your Menu Bar, if you look at the Bottom Left corner on your Query Pane you’ll see something to Zoom your screen. See yourself  in the image below what i’m talking about.I guess there are lot more Cool enhancements and features available for us. Go ahead and explore all the Options from your TOOLS Menu and get familiarize yourself with DENALI SSMS.
Hope this Post helps! Happy testing Denali 🙂


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