How to Transfer(Copy) Maintenance Plans from One Server to other???….

Update: Don’t copy or transfer Maintenance Plans. Create new ones Instead if needed or checkout Ola Hallengren’s Maintenance solution or Minionware suite.

This would be a very short blog post where I’m going to show how maintenance plans can be copied over from one SQL Server to another. If you are not aware, Maintenance Plans are nothing but SSIS packages which SQL Server creates behind the scenes and deploy them under MSDB Database as you can see below.

I’ve created a Maintenance Plan(Test_Maint) in my Prod Instance and connected to local SSIS, as you can see in the above screenshot SQL automatically created an SSIS package with the same name and deployed under MSDB. So…to Copy this Maintenance Plan to another Server, all you need to do is…Just Right click on the package and Export to FileSystem. Now, copy the DTSX file(Actual SSIS package) to the new server and you can deploy under MSDB->Maintenance Plans Node by importing it.

Follow the below Screenshots in the same order.

Saved in my File System as shown below.

Now,connect to new Server and Import the package as shown below

Click Ok…and Connect to Database Engine and Expand your Management->Maintenance Plan Node to Verify Package being Created 🙂 That’s it Guys!!!

Hope this is Useful!