Could not load package “\File System\Test” because of error 0x80070002.

Well, today I had a very funny/annoying/frustrating Issue where I was getting the below Error message when I tried to Run a Package from SSMS connecting to SSIS.

TITLE: SSIS Execution Properties
Could not load package “\File System\Test” because of error 0x80070002.
Description: Could not find file ‘C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\110\DTS\Binn\..\Packages\Test.dtsx’.
Source: mscorlib

Basically, I got that SSIS Package from a developer to Deploy on the Server and we do File System Deployments here in my Company. Before deploying the package onto Server and scheduling via Agent, I was asked to manually Run the Package and test it. Well, I was  successfully able to run that Package Just by Double Clicking and invoking DTExecUtil.exe. Everything is fine upto this Point. When I tried to Import the Package onto SSIS Server and run that package I was getting this Annoying and frustrating Errors…

Let me recreate the issue and show you what I’m trying to explain…

Step 1: I’ve a Package called “Test” in my Default Package Store as you can see below.

Step 2: I select Run package from SSMS as you can see below.

Step 3: Now, I click on Execute Button. and I get the Error Messages which I’m talking about!

Step 4: Now, Let me double click on the SSIS Package from the NTFS Folder path. I’ll get the same Execute Package Utility where I have an option to execute the package, but this time I’m able to Run the Package without any issues. So what’s really happening here???

Initially I thought it might be because of Permission Issues but that’s not the case.  I changed the Package Store Location and Restarted SSIS Service, but it didn’t helped me either..What’s happening really?? I was really frustrated at this point and Of Course  Hot Coffee made my mind to work Sharp 😀

If you observe the below Screenshot very carefully, there is a space between the file name and .dtsx!!!!

As you can see It’s “Test .dtsx” not “Test.dtsx“…ha ha! Yup…This was the Issue. Once I removed that Extra space between File name and Extension SSMS and SSIS both were happy as shown below!!

So the Problem was that single stupid Extra Space and I was like “Reallllyyyyyyyyyyyy??” It caused me 20 Minutes of my time….Sounds really Stupid right….?? But trust me folks, it was one crazy and Funny Error.

Bottom Line : SSIS doesn’t like Spaces 😉

Hope this helps when you get into any similar Issue 🙂 Cheers!