New features of SQL Server Management Studio 2014 (SSMS 2014)

Hello Folks! Last week I got chance to Install SQL Server 2014 CTP2 and I would like to share few things I’ve noticed with SSMS 2014.

Below is the screenshot of SSMS 2014 CTP2 Properties.


First of all, I noticed it is little faster to load initially when compared to SSMS 2012. Not sure if this the same with all of you, but I notice SSMS 2012 is little sluggish while loading up initially when compared to SSMS 2008R2.

If you are Azure Customer, there is something which you should be excited about SSMS 2014. You can directly backup your database to Cloud(URL) and restore from URL. Using SSMS 2014, now you can choose either disk or URL as backup destination as you can see in the below Screenshot…


Once you choose URL, you basically get options to provide your Azure Storage Container details…


Same with the restores, you can choose URL as your Source…and provide the details accordingly as shown below.


Is this really an amazing feature we should be excited about SSMS 2014? yes and No, depending on whether you use Azure or not. If you are not into Cloud yet, you can ignore this new feature anyways 🙂

If you notice any other enhancements in SSMS 2014(Not with actual SQL Server Engine itself) besides this, please post it in comments.


How to boot directly into your regular desktop Screen in Windows 8.1?

With the new windows 8.1, it is very simple to bypass the new start(Live Tiles) Screen if you want to and directly boot into regular Desktop mode. Let me show you how…

Nope! That’s not a setting in control Panel and not even in your task manager….! Once you login to your windows machine, switch to your legacy Desktop screen  and right click on task bar and go to Properties and navigate to “Navigation” tab.  Now at the bottom section(Start Screen) select “When I sign in or close all apps on a screen, go to desktop instead of start” as shown below and click Apply->ok. That’s it…You are good to go 🙂



Very Simple huh…!