The Network folder specified is currently mapped using a different user name and password

Today I was trying to map a network drive on my laptop and received a message saying “The Network folder specified is currently mapped using a different user name and password“. Well, I thought there is one and went into “My Computer”. interestingly….I don’t see it! Well, I rebooted the laptop hoping it would drop any hanging hidden cables. Unfortunately it didn’t do the trick.

BTW, My laptop already has 2 mapped drives(Y$ and Z$) and I’m trying to create  a 3rd one pointing to another share on completely different file server.(See below screenshot) 


Now, I tried issuing “NET USE” command to see if it shows anything useful. Surprisingly It said, I’ve 3 mapped drives(3rd one being the one which I’m trying to map without any Drive letter being assigned!!!). See below Screenshot…


As you can see there’s one more thing(well, without drive letter assignment) and that’s the exact share which I’m trying to create as a mapped drive on my laptop. Now I know the issue. All we need to do is to Delete that “Hanging from Nowhere” Mapped Drive using “NET USE” and retry to map it.

Syntax for deleting mapped drive using NET USE:

NET USE /DELETE \\My_ServerName\My_Sharename

Boom….It dissapeared as you can see below.


Notice in the above screenshot, that “magical and annoying” share got deleted succesfully and only Y$ and Z$ are present as expected.

Now, I was able to map that share to a new drive without any issues…Hope this helps if you get into same issue. Cheers 🙂


SIMPLE Recovery Model Database waiting on LOG BACKUP!!!!

Recently I’ve encountered a strange issue with one of our databases. This is a SQL Server 2012 Instance(SP1). This is our staging environment and was hosting many databases(Few in SIMPLE and few in FULL Recovery Model).

Note: The Recovery Model for “MODEL” database on this Instance was “SIMPLE”. We kept this way, as we don’t care about Log Backups/Point In time recovery for our Stage Databases.

Issue: Developer complained about error he got with T-Log ran out of space. Well, initially i thought, some one did refreshed this database recently from Production and forgot to chage the database rec model from FULL to SIMPLE. I looked at rec model, It was set to SIMPLE and was never refreshed. Well, now i was almost sure, this is becuase of some active transaction sitting in the log and not letting SQL Server to truncate the log with CHECKPOINTs…

You know what, I was wrong again! When I queried sys.databases for Log_reuse_wait_Desc, I found very interesting and strange behaviour of SQL Server. It was waiting for Log backup to be taken on the database(But, this database is in SIMPLE Recovery Mode) See below for what Am talking about!


Cause: This is a BUG in SQL Server 2012 which got fixed in SP1 CU4.(

Bug Number:

1254695 2830400

( )

FIX: Database does not follow simple recovery model behavior in SQL Server 2012 after you set the recovery model of the “model” database to “Simple”

Action:  Patch(SP1 CU4) the 2012 SQL Server ASAP. (Btw, CU5 for SP1 is out as well).

Quick Fix: I swapped database recovery model to FULL and took a Full backup and switched it back to SIMPLE recovery model and it was back to normal(Also, I changed the Recovery model for MODEL database to FULL on this Instance till we patched this Server).

Hope this helps if you encounter this strangeeeee Issue!