SQL Server 2012 RC0 Released :)

Looks like the Most awaited 2012 RTM  is almost there. As per the trusted sources, Microsoft is targeting to release SQL 2012 RTM somewhere in between Q1-Q3 next year! Anyways….today MSFT has released SQL Server 2012 Release Candidate 0. I’m planning to download this tomorrow and will start playing around 🙂

You can download this from http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=28145

What’s new in SQL 2012 RC0?

Visit http://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/3783.aspx

Happy Testing SQL 2012 🙂


Denali Databases Status in Object Explorer

Howdyyy…Hope all is well folks! It’s been a long time since I wrote something….Was quite busy with some crazy stuff going around!! Anyways this would be a another small/Quick Blog post regarding a small enhancement msft offered in DENALI SSMS.

Okay, let’s jump into the content! I’ve created few SUSPECT databases on one of my SQL Instances and let me show you how DENALI CTP3 SSMS is showing in it’s Object Explorer and how SQL Server 20008R2 SSMS shows in it’s Object Explorer.

SQL Server 2008R2 SSMS:


As you can see, in DENALI the Database(s) are appended with (Recovery Pending) status which is more self explanatory where as in 2008R2 SSMS, the Databases are shown as nothing! Even though this is not great enhancement, it’s good to see this in our OE 🙂

Snapshots in Report History/ ReportServer Database Growing Big!

This is going to be a small blog post, where I’ll be showing how can you control the size of your ReportServer Database. Most of the times I’ve seen Report Server Administrators ignoring a very useful setting and screaming – “Not sure why Report Server Catalog is growing out of control in size!!…”

There’s a setting called “Number of Snapshots in Report History” which by default will be “Unlimited“.

What are these Snapshots in Report History? These are nothing but read only view of your Reports at that particular point of time when the report was stored in history – Very similar to Database Snapshots. Whatever changes you make to your report after the time where snapshot was taken will not be applied to your snapshots.

So where do these Snapshots get stored?? In your ReportServer Database!

Where can i Change this Setting?

In your Report Manager or from SSMS(connecting to to your SSRS Server).

From Report Manager:

You can change your Site Settings(Global) – applies to all the Reports or You can override this site level setting at individual Report level as well. Please see the screenshot below.

From SSMS:

Connect to your SSRS Instance and Right click on the Instance and navigate to Properties. Choose History Tab as shown below and you can change these settings at Site Level.

Hope this helps and if you are not aware of this setting and i strongly recommend you to look into this option. In fact you can create a Job which removes Snapshots from your Report Catalog based on number of days you’ve defined. I’ve seen many companies using 60-90 days. Your requirement may vary!